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PHENMA Ventures Jobs

We deliver the best; Mobile Value Added Services, Financial Value Added Services, Sales Tracking Systems, and Website Design Systems in the world.

PHENMA Ventures

We set out to Redefine You Exceptionally

A Journey of a Thousand miles starts with a Single Footstep.

"You Can Earn With US - All You Need Is YOU".

PHENMA Ventures was founded in the year 2011 and incorporated on 15th July , 2011 as a partnership company with limited liability. PHENMA Ventures set out its journey particularly as an events and corporate business management firm. We set out to help bussinesses solve the challenges they encounter and that largely stem from technology. The company was registered to be a multi-business solutions and services provider.

Current Jobs

Customer Sales Representative
PHENMA Ventures is a web design and development agency. We are seeking a sales representative for our web design services. Your duty as a Customer Sales Representative is to present PHENMA Ventures’ offering to potential buyers.

Designed & Developed by Muliki Joseph Enock
PHENMA Ventures
Redefining You Exceptionally
Designed & Developed by Muliki Joseph Enock
PHENMA Ventures
Mobile Value Added Services
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