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Small Help FinTech Loaning Solution

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Small Help - Financial & Technology Solution

Small Help as we call it, is a financial and technology solution we provide to microfinance institutions (MFIs), microfinance deposit taking institutions (MDIs), Banks and Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs). Come to reality! We know for a fact that various banks, MFIs, MDIs and SACCOs are challenged by liquidity issues that prevent them from satisfying their loan clients demand for credit, this has disenfranchised the poor from access to credit and not because they are not credit worthy but rather because the establishments that offer credit failities cannot satisfy the undying demand for credit from their customers.

Under situations such as the COVID quarantine, we help financial institutions to stay afloat. our solutions allows you to loan out money and also receive payments through mobile phone technology. Our technology combines artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows a continuous understanding of the customer.

Designed & Developed by Muliki Joseph Enock
PHENMA Ventures
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Designed & Developed by Muliki Joseph Enock
PHENMA Ventures
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